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Discover what you’re missing in the Biblical story of women of faith…

There’s no visible scale, but you feel like others have more than you. Or have you ever felt confused when someone suggested you “grow your faith”? I know I have, and if you relate, then this book is for you.

Written for a modern reader, this book approaches each dynamic character by transporting the scene itself—telling the Bible as a narrative, and deciphering “the weird stuff.” What is left are relatable humans, struggling to have faith amidst tremendous adversity. These stories are testimonies, and the reason they’re so important is because they have the power to grow our faith.

That’s the power of understanding the Bible.

Between the Lines. Discover what you're missing in the biblical story of women of faith. by Heather Preston

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"I can’t think of a more timely message for a generation that perceives the Word of God as an outdated moral code to be avoided or a complex literary work to be ignored. Between The Lines masterfully engages the mind by not settling for the surface lessons of Scripture but by unearthing the deeper theological and cultural meaning. Heather also engages the heart through artistic storytelling, which brings these remarkable women of faith to life. Heather’s passion for God’s Word is palpable on every page. Reading this book will make you fall in love with God’s Word all over again."
Julie Mullins - Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Church

Senior Pastor Julie Mullins

Christ Fellowship Church

"Author, Heather Preston, takes us on a deeper dive into scripture as she unpacks the Bible and stories I have read numerous times and brings fresh insight and revelation in her book Between The Lines. I was captivated by her sharp and insightful look into the lives of those in scripture we model ourselves after by bringing me into their world and giving me the context I need for deeper understanding. She shows the humanity of people in Biblical times in a way that I can relate to in our modern day. I found myself hungry for more and captivated by each story in a way that has brought new perspective to the way I study the Bible. Her book will awaken a thirst in readers for the truth of God’s Word and offers practical application of scripture in our day to day lives. This book will empower us all to pursue God to another level that will surely enhance our spiritual journey and growth. Between The Lines is a resource that brings scripture fully alive in truth and wisdom to a world that desperately needs it."
Irene Rollins - Author of Reframe Your Shame

Irene Rollins

Author of Reframe Your Shame, Pastor & Speaker

"Between the Lines is a beautiful fish-hook into a world that can often seem so daunting and unapproachable. The Bible is full of incredible and often lofty insight, especially when it comes to the topic of women.  Heather Preston does a fantastic job of peeling back some of those intimidating layers and re-presenting truths in a way that not only illuminates God’s word with simple clarity, but also helps us understand how to see ourselves in the ancient stories. We all want to be used by God, make an impact in the world and better understand our true identity in Christ. I am excited to see how this book impacts each reader to understand if God did it back then, He can surely do it again with anyone willing to take him at His powerful word! Enjoy reading… You won’t regret it!"
Juliet Lyons - Pastor of Elan Church

Pastor Juliet Lyons

Elan Church

"The Old Testament speaks clearly and powerfully to life today. This is evident in Heather Preston’s “Between the Lines”, which addresses hope through faith from the lives of 6 women of the Bible. This is a powerful biblical study featuring relevant application and probing reflective questions."

Dr. Wayne Poplin

ThD: Professor of Old Testament Studies, Liberty University, John Rawlings School of Divinity

"Heather writes a wonderful book about six women in the Bible to help us to put full faith in God and Him alone. You will not be disappointed in rediscovering the lives of Abigail, Ruth, Rahab, Deborah, Mary, and a woman without a name."

Dr. Tim Chang

Professor of Global Studies, Liberty University, John Rawlings School of Divinity

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