My name is
Heather Preston.

Heather Preston | Author. Speaker. Educator.

For over 20 years, I've been mastering the art of writing.

I love written words. So much of my life has been influenced by the words that I’ve read and studied. For more than 20 years, I’ve studied what it takes to translate deep thoughts into written words.

I have a passion for studying and communicating theology.

Of all the words I’ve read, none have impacted by life more than those written in the Bible. The more I read, the more I was transformed by all of the little details hidden within the words.

I’ve spent countless hours digging into the rich history of the Church in order to better unlock the deeper meanings of the words written in the Bible.
I’ve studied the most effective techniques of authors throughout history to help clearly communicate these revelations.

And now I help others do the same.

So many speakers, pastors, and communicators feel stuck when they step off the stage and onto the page. I’ve learned to craft sermons, manuscripts, and books that accurately reflect the message and voice of others.

Heather Preston | Author. Speaker. Educator.

Your message will be conveyed with clarity, purity, and power.

Working with Heather, these words come to mind: professional, warm, and creative. If you're looking for on-time delivery above expectations on your next writing project, look no further!
Joshua Finley | Speaker, leadership consultant and certified life coach

Joshua Finley

Speaker, leadership consultant

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Heather Preston | Author. Speaker. Educator.