Unlock Your Writing Potential with Heather Preston

Heather Preston | Writer. Speaker. Educator.
The Author's Dilema

You have a message that you need to share.

A moment of revelation.

In your studies, thoughts, and conversations, an idea is sparked.

Silence becomes unbearable.

As you meditate on this further, this small thought grows into a message to be shared.

The chaos of construction.

Translating thoughts to written word is a carefully crafted skill that takes time to master and execute.

Don’t let your revelation die in a draft.

Partner with Heather Preston bring your message to your audience through written words.

My name is Heather, and I can walk with you through the process of making your written work a reality.

Writing is a skill that takes decades to master - there are no shortcuts. And because writing and public speaking are vastly different mediums, it can be especially difficult for speakers to translate their concepts or ideas in written form. The lack of speaker’s most effective tools (such as personality and gesturing) often leads to writer’s block and looming deadlines can turn the dream of a book into a burden - inspiration into insecurity.

I’ve been writing for over 20 years and have learned what it takes to effectively translate ideas and drafts into published works.

I would be honored to bring my skills to your project and help guide you through the writing process and help you avoid the pitfalls that could keep your project from becoming a publication!

BA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing

Emerson College

MA in Theological Studies

Liberty University

Heather Preston | Author. Speaker. Educator.

My greatest privilege is to embody the voice of someone else to help them organize their thoughts.

Your message is an intimate reflection of your personal convictions.

The message laid on your heart is an intimate reflection of your personal convictions. In walking through the journey of writing those thoughts out, it can be hard to trust that someone else’s contributions will lead to a result that is a genuine reflection of your personality and character.

I hold dearly the responsibility of accurately reflecting the unique characteristics of you. We’ll walk through this process together to ensure that you are genuinely and accurately reflected in every page.

We'll walk through a process of realizing and relaying your voice.

Identify the starting line

First, we’ll connect so I can learn more about where your project is as. Wether the work has just started or is currently just thoughts, we’ll identify the current state of the project and align on the desired outcome.

Review existing works.

Next, I’ll dive deep into your existing works. I review items that have already been published as well as any drafts.

I spend this time meticulously learning your tone, your voice, and the unique characteristics to your communication and the topic at hand.

Create the blueprint.

From there, I’ll spend time applying our conversations into an outline. This draft will be a representation of the direction of your work.

We’ll spend careful time together walking through this outline to make sure we are aligned in direction and accurately communicating your voice and your message.

Write the rest.

Once we both feel settled and aligned on the direction of the work, I take off!

We’ll stay in close communication and review the work as it’s written to make sure the nuances of your tone and message are accurately on display.

It would be my honor to walk with you through your writing journey.

Schedule a call to start your writing journey and turn your work from draft to published.

Heather Preston | Author. Speaker. Educator.